Early voting ‘hopping’ in Pawtucket

PAWTUCKET – As the rain fell last Friday afternoon, a young couple stopped on the steps of Pawtucket City Hall to take a selfie with their “I Voted” stickers after being two of the many who opted to... more

Cigar bar representatives admit problems, say they’ve changed

PAWTUCKET – On Aug. 15, officers responding to the FabCity Cigar Lounge at 1438 Newport Ave. for reports of fighting at 12:05 a.m. found 20 people outside drinking and being very loud and disruptive... more

Cullen: Raimondo has failed frontline workers

House District 46 candidate John Cullen says he believes Gov. Gina Raimondo "failed and was derelict in not supporting frontline home care and hospice workers including those delivering service to... more

At Apex, history of inaction leads to next step

PAWTUCKET – Back in June of 2010, Andrew Gates, owner of the Apex Department Store, told The Valley Breeze during a tour of the riverfront property that he was planning a new mixed-use development... more

Nonprofits receive grants for community improvement projects

PAWTUCKET – Several nonprofits in Pawtucket have received grants from the Rhode Island Foundation to make community improvements, ranging from the creation of a space for teens at the Pawtucket... more

City Hall closed Fridays; voters still welcome

PAWTUCKET – With the second round of the money-saving WorkShare program now in effect through December, City Hall is closed one day each week. The day of closure is the last day of business each week... more

Cullen targets R.I. abortion law

A candidate for District 46 state representative, John Cullen said state legislators passed a “New York-style” law in 2019 that supports “virtually unregulated and unrestricted abortion up to the... more

Lyle pledges to fight for education

House District 46 Rep. John Lyle Jr. said a flyer recently circulated by an opponent suggested that he is not qualified to serve the people of the 46th district on matters pertaining to education. “... more

Shallcross Smith promises to be a resource

Mary Ann Shallcross Smith, a candidate for state representative, District 46, said she’s grateful to neighbors who have taken time from their busy schedules to chat with her at the door. “Neighbors... more

Luciano pledges support to schools

PAWTUCKET – Nathan Luciano, Republican candidate for City Council in District 2, says he’s eager to help city schools. “As a member of the City Council, it is my intent to look for every possible way... more

Wildenhain explains charter question

PAWTUCKET – District 2 incumbent Councilor Mark Wildenhain is explaining the charter question that is on the ballot, saying it came at his request and, if passed, will save taxpayers as much as $100,... more

Flanagan says communication key

PAWTUCKET – District 4 City Council candidate Joe Flanagan says he wants to hear from constituents about the issues that matter to them. “We have so much going on in our district that communication... more

Knight announces re-election bid

PAWTUCKET – Incumbent School Committee member Joe Knight is asking residents for their support. “I am very proud to have served,” he said. “We have made the difficult decisions.” Knight said school... more

Barber: I will keep prioritizing our schools

PAWTUCKET – School Committee candidate Rodney Barber, an independent, says that just about every candidate running for office in the state has mentioned how they support bettering schools. “All of a... more

Charbonneau: I’m proud to work with committed people

PAWTUCKET – School Committee Chairman Jay Charbonneau is thanking colleagues and the school community. “As the chairman of the Pawtucket School Committee, I am incredibly proud to serve with such a... more

Dube seeks another term

PAWTUCKET – Erin Dube is seeking a fourth term on the Pawtucket School Committee. The deputy chairwoman serves as head of both the policy and the wellness subcommittees. She is also the president-... more

Moreno proud of district’s difficult decisions

PAWTUCKET – School Committee member Roberto Moreno says he recognizes the extraordinary efforts by the school district’s teachers, students and parents for coming together and doing what’s best for... more

Cano says she’s committed to city schools

PAWTUCKET – State Sen. Sandra Cano, of District 8, says she’s committed to fighting for a school aid formula that properly funds Pawtucket’s children and says she will strongly support another school... more

Karsulavitch asks voters for support

PAWTUCKET – State Senate District 8 candidate Richard Karsulavitch is highlighting two more issues he believes are important. • Term limits – Elected officials should not have the power to decide if... more

Wheeler makes closing arguments

PAWTUCKET – Bob Wheeler, the Republican candidate for state House District 61, is appealing to voters in the closing days of the campaign. “I hope all voters are asking themselves two questions when... more