Cleanup effort reunites nurse and patient in Lincoln

LINCOLN – Laid up in a hospital bed, Michael Speidel made a deal with his nurse: If you can get me out of the hospital on time, I’ll meet you at this weekend’s community cleanup event. Speidel had... more

Lincoln police ask residents to be vigilant after break-ins

LINCOLN – The Lincoln Police Department is urging residents, particularly those in the Smithfield Avenue area, to be vigilant and alert to any suspicious activity after a series of break-ins. In the... more

Picozzi announces candidacy for town administrator role

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LINCOLN – At-large School Committee member John Picozzi is among the first to formally announce their candidacy in Lincoln’s upcoming special election for the town administrator position. Picozzi,... more

Lincoln students score second best in state on AP exams

LINCOLN – Lincoln High School is second in the state for Advanced Placement scores, surpassed only by Barrington High School. Sharing the results at Monday’s School Committee meeting, Assistant Supt... more

Volunteers collaborate to restore historic cemetery wall in Lincoln

LINCOLN – Painstakingly built by hand, a retaining wall protecting those buried in Lincoln Historical Cemetery 79 was about to give out. The late William Gagne Sr. had constructed the wall encasing... more