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Josh's Roofing What do we do when our roof starts to leak from ice dams? Begin by turning the heat down as much as possible, as this will minimize the amount of heat that reaches the attic and ultimately the roofline. The heat contributes to the melting giving the water nowhere to go but in. The ice dams wont let the water escape until theyre melted or addresses by a profes- sional. Tip; install heated cables in the trouble areas rooflines or gutters. Have a professional treat the attic with blown in insulation! This will slow down the amount of heat rising and reaching the cold air in the attic. Make sure the bathrooms vent hose is properly connected and vented out through the roof. A good ventilation system is key! Efficiently recycling the air in the attic not allow- ing warm air to linger. Joshs Roofing Q: A: Woonsocket, RI 401-597-5660