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Broadway Tire How do I increase my gas mileage? Braking and Accelerating- Nothing is more taxing on your gas bill than excessive braking and acceleration. Steady is the name of the game. If you want to save money at the pump, dont drive like its a race. Only brake when you need to and do so gradually. Also, avoid sudden accelerations that eat up gas and cost you money. Wind Resistance- an open window or a sunroof can be the highlight of a spring day but the resistance created could be upping your gas bill. Less Run Time- Decrease the amount of time you let your vehicle sit and run to warm up or cool down. You may have to suffer through a couple of minutes of cold temperatures or a blazing hot seat in the summer but it could save you some gas money. Lighten the Load- Do you still have that cinder block in the trunk from winter? Take it out! Anything you can do to light- en the load of your vehicle will decrease your gas bill. Dont go overboard. Keep the doors on and by all means, leave the seats where they are! Check Your Tires- Believe it or not, some vehicle mainte- nance can save you dollars at the pump. An underin ated tire can produce more drag against the road surface and increase the amount of gasoline you use. Another mainte- nance to consider is tuning up your engine, changing lters, and having your wheels aligned. You would be amazed how many little things in your vehicle could save you money! Q: A: