ERIKA SANZI – School as we remember it isn’t on the menu this fall

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Remember when the major stressors before the start of school were getting our kids to do their summer reading and searching for that impossible-to-find thing on the school supply list? Suddenly those... more

ARLENE VIOLET – GOP overstates the threat to business

The Congressional Republicans are exaggerating the potential harm to businesses without a liability waiver. As Americans return to offices, shops, restaurants and factories without a COVID-19 vaccine... more

Letters to the Editor

Here we go again with ugly politics in Scituate

Well, it seems as though the peaceful and civil atmosphere we’ve enjoyed in Scituate since the tumultuous and destructive November 2018 election season may be coming to an end. Just when we thought... more

Dwyer: Kane’s comments confusing

I’m a bit confused as to District 2 council candidate Tom Kane’s comments in the Aug. 6 Valley Breeze. Specifically, he leads us to believe that all parties were in agreement as to how the four-year... more

Little Sisters of the Poor extend gratitude in the wake of storm

We are truly blessed. On the evening of Aug. 4, the Little Sisters of the Poor Jeanne Jugan Residence was impacted by Tropical Storm Isaias, the storm disrupting power, followed by a failure of the... more

Let’s ensure voters can safely cast ballots

As election officials, we are always focused on ensuring that all Rhode Island voters can cast their ballots safely and securely. This is true now more than ever during this global pandemic. The... more