TOM WARD - Common ground on taxes

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In last week’s column, I took a “swing and a miss” as I explained my position on the creeping socialism in our nation’s political narrative. So let me cut to the chase this time: Yes, our country... more

ARLENE VIOLET - ‘Injured’ sheriffs deal a disgrace

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WPRI-TV’s investigative reporter, Tim White, exposed a scandal at the state’s sheriff department. It seems that a disproportionate number of Rhode Island sheriffs are out of work after claiming an on... more

Letters to the Editor

For fairness, all must register with census

For the first time since 1950, the Census Bureau wants to ask everyone living in the U.S. whether they are citizens when it conducts the next census in 2020. This “citizenship question” is part of... more

Keep SHS music teacher Katherine Young in full-time position

I am writing in response to last week’s Observer article about pink slips sent to Smithfield High School faculty and staff. Music educator Katherine Young is slated to become a part-time teacher next... more

Flynn: Leach should be praised, not persecuted

With disgust I read of the persecution of Bob Leach by the Smithfield Town Council and other officials. Refusal to reappoint Bob Leach as the chairman of the Smithfield Historic Preservation... more

Socialism need not be feared

Well, we’re barely past the mid-term elections, and the right already has its bogeyman for 2020. The last time around it was those illegal immigrants, all of whom want to sell drugs, kill you, or... more