TOM WARD - If Laffey returns to run, he’ll find a different state

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So, former Cranston Mayor Steve Laffey, a “Reagan Republican” and fiscal conservative, is thinking about coming home, and maybe – just maybe – running for governor in 2022? May I be the first to say... more

ARLENE VIOLET - Democratic women smart to revolt

Quick! What do former U.S. Rep. Claudine Schneider, former secretary of state and former candidate for lieutenant governor Susan Farmer, former Gen. Treasurer Nancy Meyer, former Secretary of State... more

Letters to the Editor

Hagen: ‘America is done for’

America is done for. Our laws mean nothing. Our Constitution means nothing. Acknowledged criminals control our government. The coup is complete. It’s astonishing to me that our leaders unabashedly... more

Fagnant: School board increases stipends by $3,000

Taxpayers like myself should be livid with what took place on Nov. 20 by four elected members of the present Woonsocket School Committee. These four liberal “Big Spenders” voted to increase the... more