ERIKA SANZI – Ivy League athletes deserve to have their season

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Elite academic institutions like those that make up the Ivy League pride themselves on being at the forefront of emerging science, especially during a global pandemic. A quick look at some of their... more

ARLENE VIOLET – Magaziner has been ahead of the curve

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Before any general officer addressed the chaotic sign-up for the COVID-19 vaccine, General Treasurer Seth Magaziner was advocating for a centralized registration process and coordination. Two weeks... more

Letters to the Editor

Shepard seeks support in LLS Student of the Year campaign

My name is Elizabeth Shepard. I am a 16-year-old sophomore attending Smithfield High School. This year, I am a candidate for Student of the Year; which is a program run by The Leukemia & Lymphoma... more

Monteiro: Condominium trash exemption ordinance would bring fairness

With the new City Council seated for several months, the opportunity to address this topic again surfaces – this time with a more socially equitable balance of council members that tend to blend into... more

Patten: Kudos to Shermans for donating stimulus money

Kudos to Lisa and Bob Sherman for donating their COVID stimulus money to a food bank! My husband and I did the same with both stimulus checks. I’m glad we are not alone in having thought of that. And... more

In Cumberland, let’s engage more thoughtfully with issue of snow removal

In one of his recent columns, titled “Is the middle to be found?,” Dan Yorke reflects on some of the ways that New Englanders, and Americans in general, can be needlessly extreme in our criticisms.... more

Thank you to Cumberland first responders

A huge “Thank You” to the Cumberland firefighters and EMTs for saving my mother and her home from a fire on Super Bowl Sunday. I am so grateful. Joy Sullivan Cumberland

Cullen: Parents, students and taxpayers are being shorted

The latest report on Lincoln’s Big Dig; aka LHS renovation project is not good, but Lincoln taxpayers have come to expect nothing less. School Committee members in the past have made comments such as... more

We’re taking action and fighting to end litter

Will you join us? Keep Blackstone Valley Beautiful is asking everyone to take action to end litter as Earth Day approaches in April, and now is the time to plan how you will participate. Taking... more

Mendes speaks on the importance of education and movement during Black History Month

This February, we celebrate Black achievements, history, and leadership. We look to Rhode Island’s Black history and heroes like the United States’ first Black battalion in military history – 1st... more