TOM WARD - ‘Enemies of the people’ is just Trump nonsense

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Well, it’s the week The Boston Globe asks me to write an editorial against President Donald Trump and his ‘‘dirty war against the free press,’’ according to Globe deputy managing editor for the... more

ARLENE VIOLET - How dare you not debate?

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“I do believe that the public has a fundamental right to understand what a candidate believes and what their opinions are. Those opinions form the basis of how they will govern in the future.” -... more

Letters to the Editor

PawSox perfectly situated in Pawtucket

The baseball fans in the Worcester area already have three choices of Red Sox teams if they’d like to attend their games every summer. • The Lowell Spinners, a 45-minute drive away. • Fenway Park, a... more

Pay attention to ‘those kind of neighbors’

We all have that kind of neighbor. The one who surprises you with what they will do or say next. Until recently, I had that kind of neighbor in Arnold Mills. His name was Chip Underwood. From the... more

The death penalty, Bible, and Pope Francis

Recently, Roman Catholic Pope Francis, in his official capacity, has come out in opposition to capital punishment (the death penalty). I submit the following biblical argument against his position,... more

Marciano: Schools now ‘in good hands’

With the start of the school year fast approaching, I write to offer an update on the state of our school department. As you may have heard, the School Committee has hired Robert “Bob” O’Brien as the... more

‘Hero’ Nicholson will be missed

Last week the Smithfield community lost an unsung hero to all, Doreen Nicholson. I had the privilege of working with Doreen on the Smithfield Education Foundation (amongst other activities) and... more