TOM WARD – ‘Someone’s going to pay’ anyway for Prov. mess

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North Providence Mayor Charles Lombardi was pleased recently that the city of Providence was not going to be selling its water supply to private interests to bail out its pension fund. “Someone’s... more

ARLENE VIOLET – Good news, but mis-steps continue

Politics in Rhode Island can be a breathtaking ride. Recent actions taken by politicians show the high and lows of the players in power. For examples: The good Treasurer Seth Magaziner and Attorney... more

Letters to the Editor

Hope Mill is not a done deal

April 24 - Planning Board meeting, 7 p.m., Scituate High School. Residents of Scituate, we still need you! The battle at the Hope Mill is not over. Paramount Development is seeking another extension... more

Understanding Holy Week

The season of Lent is coming to a close, culminating in the most inspiring event in the history of the world. The days beginning with Holy Thursday (the Last Supper) and ending in the resurrection... more

‘Freedom of Choice’ or not

We often hear the term “Freedom of Choice,” being used. But are we not responsible for our choices? If one should drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs and cause a serious accident resulting... more

Just a friendly reminder

Driving through the city the other day, as I often do, I happened to see a Pawtucket Fire Department Engine Company with lights flashing and siren sounding, as it passed me by. I also observed a... more

Do you have a story to share?

In times such as these, people often reach out for help when they find themselves struggling. Often, they will choose a local clergy member for guidance and support. It has come to our attention that... more

Lombardi: Abandoning plans to sell Providence Water Department is great news

I am writing this editorial in response to the city of Providence’s recent decision to abandon its plans to sell or lease the Providence Water Department. This is great news for all of the... more

Gorbea: Privacy top concern on date-of-birth disclosures

As Rhode Island’s Secretary of State, I am constantly working to improve access to the ballot box and protect the integrity of every vote. These are not just core goals of my office – they are... more