TOM WARD - Cumberland’s experiment in fire governance fails

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There were two important stories for Cumberland readers last week. Both by Ethan Shorey, one noted the explosion of overtime costs as a result of the Cumberland Fire Department’s injured-on-duty... more

ARLENE VIOLET - Legal lapses, lame excuses

Lawyers are supposed to give their clients utmost loyalty and competent representation. If they lapse, chances are they may be on the receiving end of a malpractice suit. Sometimes, lawyers may be... more

Letters to the Editor

Charter Commission found consensus, now it goes to the people

When I was appointed to the Scituate Charter Commission a year ago, I was thrilled. I had long believed that the town of Scituate should have a charter, and that the two-page legal document from 1915... more

Don’t let Scituate Council undercut Charter effort

Process matters. That short, simple statement is at the heart of the Home Rule Charter ballot being placed before the voters in Scituate on June 28. Process matters because the process one chooses to... more

Narcissism in government may not lead to good outcomes

At the end of June, Woonsocket residents will be informed of which candidates will be running for office in the November election. Hence, the active political season will begin! Last year, I... more

Thanks for help after accident

I would like to take the opportunity to thank a nurse and EMT that came to my assistance at the Lincoln Mall Target store on Memorial Day afternoon. They took the time to keep me calm and reassure... more

Well done, Lincoln, for great parade

(This is) my annual letter of thanks to the Lincoln Memorial Day Parade organizers, for another outstanding effort in providing fun, excitement, and patriotism on such and important day. Thanks to... more