TOM WARD - Frozen pipes shouldn’t be reason for $500M spend

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As I write this on Monday, it is clear that Gov. Gina Raimondo, in her State of the State Address set for Tuesday night, will be asking residents for a huge amount of money – $500 million to start –... more

ARLENE VIOLET - Bannon, Trump feud won’t be in court

Most folks are aware of the expression, “Damning with faint praise.” Stephen K. Bannon went one step further by also making disparaging remarks about President Donald Trump, his family members and... more

Letters to the Editor

Russian meddling in election is fact

I was disappointed in Tom Ward’s op-ed Jan. 3 regarding bias at the FBI, a non-partisan government agency. I especially find it disturbing that he promoted unconfirmed conspiracy theories regarding... more

If we know station is needed, vote yes

Politics. People lose their minds over politics and defend ideals they might otherwise be against. Conversely, they fail to mindfully examine beneficial causes when not spearheaded by their... more

Participate in government with Home Rule Charter petition

“Our government does not work without the participation of the people” were the words spoken by our Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea, at my school’s civics assembly this past fall. How poignant is... more

What’s the next level for the hearing impaired and blind?

A bold statement to be certain – maybe even audacious. I am a dreamer, an inventor, and some say the eternal optimist. A baby girl is born, and to the dismay of her parents, she is 100 percent deaf... more