TOM WARD – Employees have rights to safely pass protesters

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Pardon me for being the skunk at the leftist garden party, but does anybody care – at all – that protesters last week had no right to block Capt. Thomas Woodworth from getting to his job at the Wyatt... more

ARLENE VIOLET – Raimondo hands you the bridge bill

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Recently, I wrote a column about how cavalier our public leaders are about spending taxpayers’ money in ways they would never do if it were their dime. The most recent example is the Providence... more

Letters to the Editor

Communities unite to fight against cancer

On Saturday, June 15, many communities came together to fundraise against cancer at the Relay For Life of Northern Rhode Island. The event took place at the Smithfield High School track. It was an... more

Tip cups filled with 
obligation and intimidation

When did our leftover change from a dollar bill no longer become ours? When did we give up that right? When did it become acceptable by the business owners to allow the service staff to make the... more

There’s more to life than cellphones

Have you ever sat down, pulled your phone out, and were going to check one small thing, then got lost in it and spent an hour or more on there? Today we live in a world where cellphones are... more

Voter fraud – the dead keep on voting

This has always been a lingering problem within the election process – how do the dead keep voting? Are the boards of canvassers doing their jobs and purging the names of the dead from their rolls?... more

Thanks for a successful fundraiser

Glitter in my Tea would like to extend a formal thank you to all who attended the women’s event on Aug. 14, at the Slatersville Congregational Church in North Smithfield. This event supported the... more

Cournoyer: No, Kithes & Co., John Ward was correct

Woonsocket councilman John Ward’s letter published in the July 31 edition of The Valley Breeze addressed two subjects that then city council candidate Alex Kithes had commented on during his campaign... more