DAN YORKE – We’ve lost so much to COVID

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Appearing in this space as a replacement for Tom Ward is a high honor. I have known Tom as a fellow media pro and as a neighbor for most of the 20 years I have been in Rhode Island. I have marveled... more

ARLENE VIOLET – Let’s not jettison the election protections

Over Memorial Day weekend I was thinking about a writing that my friend, Rick Wilson, forwarded to me about veterans. It said: It is the veteran not the preacher who has given us the freedom of... more

Letters to the Editor

Sanzi: Thank you, to the teachers of Rhode Island

To the teachers of Rhode Island, Many of you probably don’t realize that the hard work you’ve been doing for the past two months is not the norm throughout the country. You have led the way while... more

Comparing difficult times

Past memories keep comparing coronavirus with all the other serious calamities of years gone by. I now believe this worldwide pandemic is the most dangerous of all. I can recall the difficult days of... more

Police body cameras should be a statewide standard

The General Assembly should consider legislation requiring all police officers to wear body cameras. In 2017 the National Institute of Justice studied body cameras with the Las Vegas Metropolitan... more

Brien: Mayor’s press release shows lack of leadership

On Saturday afternoon, May 23, on what otherwise should have been a pleasant Memorial Day weekend, the mayor of the city of Woonsocket issued a press release wherein she “called for the chair of the... more

Change must come for those sworn to uphold public trust

My mom died on May 4. She was an incredible woman who overcame much in her life. She was beautiful and wise. She was 101 years old and was a respected elder. She died at home, safe and loved. There... more

Ranglin: We must be willing to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable with the truth to succeed

The morning after the death of George Floyd, I walked for seven miles, angry with tears flowing down my cheeks as the video keeps replaying in my head. Yes, that video that we have all watched as a... more

Cervone: Where is our leadership?

While cities across America continue to burn and while law enforcement officers are being attacked and while local and federal offices are being victimized there is a group of individuals that no one... more

R.I. needs thoughtful COVID-19 spending

As a member of the Joint Legislative COVID-19 Emergency Spending Task Force, I was pleased to read about Rhode Island state officials’ efforts to protect taxpayers from “virus profiteers” in the May... more

Carvalho: With peace comes change

Where are we going to go from here? George Floyd is dead, and our country is in an uproar over the blatant racism that exists in our country. There are protests occurring throughout the country, and... more

Kallman is the right person at the right time

I am so, so proud councilwoman Meghan Kallman is running for senate. I ask everyone to please support and rally around her candidacy; get involved, volunteer, and vote on Sept. 8, 2020. Meghan is one... more

Return to houses of worship must be well planned strategy

A funeral service celebrated during the current pandemic witnessed a widow and four adult children sitting quietly before the coffin while a fifth son from New York waited mournfully in his car. This... more