MY LIFE – Another serendipitous moment in the life of Rhea

Not meaning to paint it too purple, but I see life as occasionally bestowing upon me unexpected sparkling, serendipitous moments that may appear to be no more than ordinary to the casual observer,... more

FILM UNFILTERED – Lackluster ‘Ava’ misses the mark

HH A couple of years ago, Charlize Theron starred in “Atomic Blonde,” a film I very much enjoyed and reviewed in this column. She was a brutally lethal secret agent and the film focused on her deadly... more

TRADITIONAL PARENTING – Saying ‘no’ too much can cause problems

Q: Our first child, a boy, just turned 2. Per your advice, he is toilet trained and eating whatever I serve. Before he was born, we determined that we were not going to raise a picky eater. Our... more