MY LIFE – Armed and ready

Spring has arrived and this year I am armed and ready. Unlike other years when I have stayed tucked into my comfy home waiting for warmer, drier days before venturing out into the cool damp that is... more

THE RECIPE BOX – Melo family serves up traditional Portuguese recipes at local bakery

CUMBERLAND – Angelina (Angie) Melo met her husband Emanuel while they were in high school and the pair became sweethearts. They are raising two daughters and also raising up a business in town, the... more

FILM UNFILTERED – ‘Hellboy’ reboot falls short

HH Guillermo del Toro made two exceptionally good “Hellboy” films with Ron Perlman playing the demon from Hell with broken horns and ridiculously oversized stone right arm. While not quite the... more

TRADITIONAL PARENTING – Teens and video game addiction

Julie Jargon is a reporter with the Wall Street Journal. Heretofore, she has written about food companies like Starbucks and McDonald’s. As of April 2, however, Ms. Jargon is writing a WSJ column... more