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Sunday, February 22

Even though I love all things Hobbit/Lord of the Rings, it was still a little much to see the latest installment, “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies,” twice in one week. So the second time through, I decided to keep myself entertained by writing down some random thoughts. Here goes:

• Hobbits have superior feet. Dwarves have the best eyebrows. Elves win easily for the nicest hair.

• Orcs win both the most ugly and least likely to win a hand-to-hand battle awards.

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Thursday, February 12

I was surprised to learn this week that the total spent in Rhode Island on snow removal for the big January storm was around $9 million, an amount officials are hoping to have reimbursed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. With $3 million of that being spent at the state level, that left roughly $6 million spent by all Rhode Island municipalities.

So why are Pawtucket officials saying their total cost for that storm was $1 million? Could the city really account for one-sixth...


Wednesday, February 4

The National Sleep Foundation has released its latest recommendations for how many hours of sleep people should be getting at each stage of life, and it appears I'm falling far short of my seven to nine hours many nights.

The recommendations are based on an in-depth review of scientific literature and input from professionals in medicine, physiology, and science.

The following are the recommended daily sleep times by age range:

• Zero to three months old: 14 to 17 hours...


Tuesday, February 3

My cousin Adam might be the biggest New England sports fan I've ever known, so I have very little trouble picturing his reaction every time his team comes out on the right side of a heart-stopping play.

On Tuesday I learned through Twitter that a video of Adam and his family celebrating Sunday's improbable win by the New England Patriots had made it onto the ESPN broadcast. Now the rest of the world can see why Adam is among the greatest fans on earth.

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Thursday, January 29

School officials in Pawtucket are celebrating this week after the latest round of data from the state shows another leap in local graduation rates. The four-year graduation rate in 2014 is 80 percent, up from 63 percent rate in 2011.

The four-year rate at Tolman High School was 79 percent, the rate at Shea High was 88 percent, and the rate at the Jacqueline M. Walsh School for the Performing and Visual Arts was 92 percent. Shea's rate in 2011 was 68 percent, while Tolman was at just...


Wednesday, January 7

Since news of his death broke on Tuesday, many have fittingly referred to Jim Baron as a "legendary" reporter with an unquestioned work ethic. This was a man who wore out more than his share of shoes to get the stories that held officials accountable, to bring up the tough questions that others might be too afraid or oblivious to ask.

But Baron was more than that. He was supremely gracious, and exceedingly humble. He had a way about him that instantly made you feel at ease.



Thursday, January 1

Let me take a moment to wish all of our readers a happy, safe and healthy 2015. From all of us here at The Breeze, you can expect an ongoing commitment to bringing you the news you care about where you live. Please don't hesitate to contact us to share your story this year.

Tuesday, December 30

The pleasant temperatures that prevailed for much of December are gone and likely won't be back for quite a while. Northern Rhode Island should see highs in the low 20s for New Year's Eve, and temperatures aren't likely to reach 40 for the rest of the week.

Tuesday, December 23

UPDATE: My boy got his vacuum, and the picture from just after he opened it says it all.

With Christmas approaching, I decided to revive a little piece I wrote for the special Breeze Christmas section this year. Please enjoy.

If the experts are to be believed, 3-year-old boys this year are dreaming of John Deere deluxe talking toolbelts, Batman cape sets, Mr. Potato Head Transformers Mixables, and something called a Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow Kit.



Monday, December 22

The chance of a white Christmas in 2014 is near zero. High temperatures for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are expected to reach the mid-50s, with a strong chance of rain both days. Rain could be accompanied by thunder on Dec. 24.