Yeaw wins fight to bring mail delivery to Danielson Pike

Yeaw wins fight to bring mail delivery to Danielson Pike

SCITUATE – Town Councilor Theresa Yeaw said she felt she and her neighbors on the 141 to 201 stretch of Danielson Pike were “being extorted” by the U.S. Postal Service as the agency refused them home mail delivery service.

For years, residents along this stretch paid the North Scituate Post Office $80 per year to rent a post office box for mail service. This year, the price went to $103 for a box, Yeaw noted.

Yeaw, who lives within the zone on Danielson Pike, said she questioned the validity of the refusal, and was told there was nothing that could be done.

She said she began looking into home delivery service about a year and a half ago, long before she ran for Town Council.

“It was the town who said we cannot have mailboxes on this stretch of the street. I thought it was funny because it was just this stretch, there were mailboxes all around,” Yeaw said.

Yeaw called consumer affairs in Boston, and received a handbook on mail delivery rules and guidelines. According to Yeaw, the handbook said everyone in the United States has the enjoyment of having mail delivered to them unless it is deemed to be an unsafe area.

Her home, and the others surrounding her on Danielson Pike in North Scituate, is in no way a dangerous area, she said.

Yeaw contacted the North Scituate Post Office again and demanded that it provide home delivery service or a free post office box to homes denied service. The postmaster has now agreed to create a new route.

“People are allowed to put up mailboxes up here on this stretch of road,” Yeaw said. “It’s pretty cool, isn’t it? I feel like I took on the post office and won.”

Scituate Democratic Town Committee Chairwoman Alicia Ann Kelley commented on Yeaw’s Facebook announcement that she enjoys her walks to the post office to collect her mail, and Yeaw responded that the walks will be nicer now not having to pay for the box.

St. Joseph Church secretary Donna Costa said she needs to stop by the post office every day on her way to work to pick up mail for the church on Danielson Pike and said the switch is great news.

Anyone interested in signing up for a home mail delivery service should call North Scituate Postmaster Robin Brouillette at 401-647-9215. Residents switching to home delivery will need to put in a mailbox and submit a change of address form.

Anyone who paid for the year in advance may be entitled to a partial refund.