DPW Director Loiselle: Our sand not for the taking

DPW Director Loiselle: Our sand not for the taking

SCITUATE – Contrary to rumors, the Scituate Department of Public Works does not hand out free sand to residents, said DPW director Kirk Loiselle, who responded to requests with an e-blast on Feb. 9.

Last week, Loiselle said a post on social media incorrectly advised Scituate residents to pick up the sand, used to protect road and walkways from slippery situations, at the DPW on Trimtown Road.

Since the post, Loiselle said the DPW is bombarded with questions from residents ranging from how much sand can be picked up, when, and where. Loiselle said the DPW never handed out the sand in the past.

“My phone is ringing off the hook about this post,” Loiselle said to The Valley Breeze & Observer last Friday.

Loiselle said the DPW usually fields 50 calls daily from residents with questions about trash collection, recycling, and other similar issues. The additional calls are unwanted, Loiselle said.

“You cannot get sand and salt from the DPW. We don’t give it away,” Loiselle said.

Loiselle said the DPW is sensitive to incorrect information being spread to residents since the situation last year when former Council President John Mahoney dumped trash in the DPW bins illegally, causing minimal damage to a dumpster lock.

His major concern is residents walking around the DPW site while workers are operating heavy machinery.

“We cannot have someone riding or walking up into the salt barn,” Loiselle said.

Loiselle added that there are signs at the DPW warning residents to not trespass into the salt barn.

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Loiselle said someone may have walked through the DPW and found the sand and grabbed a couple of buckets without any workers noticing. It is not valid or safe to do so, Loiselle said.

“I’m worried that while you’re trying to load your truck you may get hurt. I can’t have someone around that area. It’s for your safety. You cannot go riding up there,” Loiselle said.

Scituate residents reacted to the news that they could no longer pick up sand from the DPW with disbelief and shock. Bryan Toro posted on Facebook that he called the DPW just before the e-blast was sent out.

“I guess because ‘we just don’t have it’ and ‘we can’t do it anymore’ is the reason why they no longer will allow it,” Toro posted.

Nick Amore responded, “That’s why you don’t ask … just walk in like you own the joint … because you do.”

Others responded that sand was always available from the DPW, and Scituate resident tax dollars pay for it, so it should be available.

Resident Mike Houle suggested the change is a result of the post announcing its availability at the DPW.

“So, instead of 17 people coming this winter, there’s 144 people wanting sand and now it’s a job,” Houle said.


My husband has been getting 2 buckets of sand every year maybe twice a year for 20 years. He would check in and sign in at the office,and then get the sand.I don't know who's pushing their weight around, but the tax payers in Scituate seem to be getting less and less for their tax dollars. So because the town doesn't get money from speeding tickets or other traffic violations, or building permits,because not all of us get permits, if nobody complains about what you're building you don't need a permit,they'll address the issue if it comes up. The town shouldn't be taking their lack of enforcement out on the tax payer . Clean your own house and start doing what is supposed to be done to raise money for the town so we can have at least a decent police department.You know, like when you call the police they don't tell you we can't come right now, the 2 officers on are both in the North.At the furthest point from the other end of town,so we have to wait 20 minutes.I would like to see those residents who no longer call and complain about what's going on in town and be more vocal. It's about time that the town works for us, the tax payers ,not what's best or convenient for them, too much paper work,excuses excuses.