Seat belts, motorcycle helmets and face masks

Seat belts, motorcycle helmets and face masks

In 1968, the U.S. government told U.S. car makers that they now had to install seat belts in all cars manufactured in the country along with other safety improvements, i.e. padded dashboards. Then it would be the occupant who decided to use or not use this device to prevent injury.

As we know, not until laws were enacted and fines imposed that the driving public actually became responsible for their own well-being. Prior to that enforcement, the average use of seat belts was only about 50 percent.

Regarding motorcycle helmets, and as a former motorcycle rider, I am appalled that states don’t require all motorcycle passengers to wear a helmet. In addition, even if it is not mandatory, why not voluntarily do it? Severe injuries are common, and it’s a cost the whole of society must share.

I’ll conclude with another option that we need to determine what is important to ourselves and everyone else: the wearing of a face mask. We know we should, just as the other topics I’ve mentioned should have an impact on our conduct. It is all just thought-provoking.

Then, there is one other thing that bothers me: motorists versus pedestrians. Try using a crosswalk – it too just might save your life.

Jordan Horowitz

North Providence