City efforts focus on protecting most vulnerable

City efforts focus on protecting most vulnerable

PAWTUCKET – The city is welcoming volunteers who are interested in helping other members of the community amid the new coronavirus pandemic. After seeing a number of inquiries, officials are creating a volunteer list.

“The community wants to help. I have received calls, my staff has received calls, other elected officials have received calls. I am thankful for these individuals’ desires to contribute,” said Mayor Donald Grebien. “As we establish the needs in the community, we will be sure to use those who sign up for the volunteer list in a way that is beneficial and safe from both health and security perspectives.”

The mayor thanked residents for their patience and support during challenging times, saying the city is encouraging everyone to follow state edicts to avoid gatherings, stay at least six feet from other people, stay home, and wash hands regularly.

“We want everyone to help,” said Grebien. “However, everyone’s safety and health is paramount. The creation of this list is a first step in identifying and managing everyone who wants to get involved in a coordinated effort.”

City employees, particularly in public safety, are working around the clock in the effort to protect the most vulnerable residents, said Grebien, a comprehensive effort that has included closing the library and senior center and reducing city staffing to reduce exposure while still providing essential services.

The city continues to take the necessary precautions in the midst of COVID-19, he said, working closely with the School Department, the Leon Mathieu Senior Center, the Pawtucket Housing Authority and other entities to best support all residents.

Anyone who has contracted the virus or been in the vicinity of someone who has contracted the virus will not be allowed to participate. Background checks will also be performed as a precaution.

Anyone who is interested in attending can provide their name, address, phone number, and email to or via phone at 401-616-2241.

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