City prepares for future of 5G

City prepares for future of 5G

PAWTUCKET – An ordinance going before the City Council this week provides a mechanism for small cells to be installed in the city by wireless carriers, a move that will essentially allow 5G-type service in the area.

The 5G technology is basically the fifth-generation wireless technology for digital cell networks that saw widespread progress in 2019. Covered areas are divided into regions called "cells,” serviced by individual antennas.

“The Department of Public Works and the Law Department worked together on the Small Cell Franchise ordinance and agreement, which will pave the way for small cell technology in the city of Pawtucket while minimizing red tape,” said Public Works Director Eric Earls. “This will allow for the citywide implementation without a long and burdensome process. These cell towers will prepare the city for the future with 5G.”

The next generation of technology is expected to not only interconnect people, but also control machines, objects and devices. It will give consumers access to more information faster than ever.

Similar 5G boxes to the ones coming to Pawtucket have been seen cropping up on telephone poles in surrounding communities.

The new ordinance, governing everything from permits to application, is going first to the council's ordinance subcommittee.