Water slide, water fountain among town’s ‘wish list’ items

Water slide, water fountain among town’s ‘wish list’ items

NORTH PROVIDENCE – The overhauled Notte Park/Camp Meehan property could soon see another series of new amenities by next year, including a water slide and another water fountain in the Wenscott Reservoir.

The town is finalizing its new capital improvement plan (CIP), laying out a series of items totaling $39.1 million in proposed spending for the 2020-2024 time period.

Additional upgrades to Notte Park/Camp Meehan on the reservoir off Douglas Avenue account for nearly $900,000 of that. The upgrades would be paid for through a mix of grant and town funding.

Mayor Charles Lombardi said these additional planned upgrades show that the town remains “keyed-in” on its years-long effort to upgrade the town’s recreational amenities. The first priority, he said, is to get a new amphitheater space completed so the town can “hit the ground running” with a series of a dozen or so performances at the park this spring and summer. He expects additional upgrades to be done next year.

Water aerators listed in the CIP, at a combined cost of $150,000, would allow the town to add a water fountain near the renovated Meehan Overlook recreation and event center that’s become a favorite for town events and weddings, he said. The current water fountains near the beach can’t be seen very well from the Meehan Overlook area, he said, and this will add to the beauty of that area.

A proposed new water slide at the beach would come at a price of $10,200, according to the document.

Also at Notte Park/Camp Meehan, the CIP lists $297,000 in upgrades to the recreation hall, $165,000 for the rehab of the stone recreation building on the property, $140,000 in new playground equipment, $6,200 for a smokers’ outpost, $10,000 for new asphalt paths, $5,600 for a new golf cart, and $27,500 for the removal of the large boulders on the beach, which pose a hazard at times for children climbing on them.

While many aspects of the new CIP are similar or the same as the previous one, said Town Planner David Westcott, a significant change is the removal of construction of new schools, which are being improved through a $75 million bond, with payouts being made.

“The elephant in the anaconda is the schools,” he said.

The list of items on this year’s CIP total $39.1 million, down significantly from the $105.6 million on last year’s list, thanks mostly to new school construction being largely done.

Westcott said this is essentially a “wish list” developed with feedback from various department heads, and does not necessarily reflect what will actually be spent.

“It’s what we wish we could spend, but it doesn’t always get clearance,” he said.

The town planner is set to present the CIP during a Planning Board meeting tonight, March 13, starting at 6 p.m. at Town Hall.

This year’s CIP still includes some $22 million in upgrades to the schools, down from $65.8 million last year. It includes other upgrades to parks, public safety buildings, and other public buildings.


"$6,200 for a smokers’ outpost??"

At a park?

People can smoke in their cars.