Tusoni praises military spending

Tusoni praises military spending

Continuing to develop modern, technologically advanced weapons is integral to the United States maintaining our position as the strongest military in the world. And the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program is a critical component.

President Trump is a tireless defender of our men and women in uniform. He has said, “My administration is committed to ensuring that our war fighters have the tools, the resources, the fire power that they need to defeat our enemies with overwhelming force.” The F-35’s technology is widely regarded for its ability to be used among multiple military branches and for being far superior to previous generation fighter jets overall.

Not only does the F-35 Program utilize groundbreaking technology that keeps our troops and allies safe, it also serves as an excellent representation of American business and products. It supports 194,000 direct and indirect jobs around the country and has $31 billion of annual economic impact.

Given the challenges we face in today’s world, the F-35 Program is a shining example of the right investment, at the right time.

Lt. Colonel Michael Tusoni