Keep 6th grade at Nathanael Greene School

Keep 6th grade at Nathanael Greene School

I am writing to ask to keep 6th grade at Nathanael Greene School in Pawtucket. I had a petition signed by many parents during the school year last year, and I submitted the petition to the superintendent of schools. She said they will keep it in advisement.

I hope they do. I am the parent of two sons, ages 8 and 10. My 8-year-old will be able to go back to Nathanael Greene with all the new bells and whistles. My 10-year-old, who is in 5th grade, will not if they don’t keep 6th grade there. They are putting a preschool there, so I was told they don’t have the room for 6th grade. The 6th grade is at Slater Junior High. I went there when I was younger and my niece goes there now. But sometimes when I go pick her up at school, the kids are a little loud and not well behaved. They tend to hang around instead of going to their homes. My older son is a little more quiet, and I’m afraid some of the influence that the older kids will have on him.

I believe you can have sixth grade at both schools. I also believe given the choice more parents would send their children to Nathanael Greene then to Slater.

I don’t think it is fair for the 5th- graders to miss out on a brand new school. I feel very strongly about this. If you feel like me, please contact the superintendent of schools and voice your opinion.

Edgar Leitao Jr.