SAT scores for BVP’s first graduating class 108 points above state average

SAT scores for BVP’s first graduating class 108 points above state average

CUMBERLAND – Blackstone Valley Prep has announced SAT results for the school’s first graduating class, which showed that BVP students had an average score 108 points higher than the state average, ranking the school among the top performing districts in Rhode Island.

Drew Madden, director of innovation and accountability, said a student received a perfect 800 on the math section of the exam, and almost 10 percent of the class scored at 1400 or higher.

Almost every student, he said in a release, improved from PSAT scores a year prior.

“If you’re at two-thirds reduced lunch, you should have about 30 percent of your kids college and career ready,” Jeremy Chiappetta, executive director, told The Breeze.

Instead, the school’s students were 91 percent more likely than a typical Rhode Island junior to be considered “college and career ready” in math and literacy.

While pointing to data that shows poverty rates and expected scores, Chiappetta said that BVP is “way above” the line that was expected of the students, given the percentage of students that qualify for free and reduced lunch.

“That, to me, is the result of an entire organization of families, of kids, of staff, who refuse to allow this regression line to define them,” he said.

Chiappetta said with more school days, and longer time in school, students at BVP receive approximately 20 percent more instructional time.

“It is a simple recipe – it’s crazy hard work, it’s high expectations, it’s great teachers,” Chiappetta said.