Perhaps writer needs to look again at police station

Perhaps writer needs to look again at police station

In reference to Mr. McCormick’s “New Scituate police station? There are better uses of funds” letter of Aug. 30:

While I agree that funding the police pension is a need, it is one of a long list of neglected items for our town that former councils “kicked the can down the road."

Many seem to not like that the Independent Men (new Town Council majority) have shown all the cracks in that “Perfect little Scituate” façade. Truth is by admitting there are problems is the first step in resolving them, don’t you think?

At the moment there is a "plan” to manage the issue of the Police Pension Fund … by the way an issue in almost every city and town in Rhode Island.

What there is not in place is recognition that the business as usual, head in sand mindset cannot continue! Have you been to the police station, Mr. McCormick? Have you walked through and seen the one main beam that holds up the entire structure? That same beam, that is charred from a fire in the past that was never reported, is also substantially cracked. There are almost worn away pillars that hold this beam in place. The asbestos floor tiles are broken and that dust, along with the dangerous mold, are being sent throughout the building via the heating/air system that is also in major disrepair. This is just the start of a long laundry list of structural and health issues that the people who serve to protect our town are made to go through.

Do tell of your well thought out plan to handle when that building collapses, and it won’t be long … I am all ears. Oh and your plan to handle the lawsuits of anyone injured or killed when that building fails or when the long term effects on their health come to forefront? Oh and where will you have the police officers be placed after the building goes or the building inspector forces it closed? You do have a plan for all of that, right? I mean you seem so sure that it is a non issue … because again you have seen the facility first hand and have a slight working knowledge of construction (which I do have a construction background) to so easily inform the citizens of this town that this is only another “antic” by the “Independent Men” and they are only “claiming it is critical.”

If you feel this strongly about how the Town Council or as you put it … the majority … handles things. Why the comment at the last Charter Commission meeting, that it is being “too rushed”… since obviously a Town Charter would give you exactly what you are claiming here, the chance for the people to have more power to hold the council accountable.

As for the council looking outside the box to get done and undo the years of former council neglect …kudos! They are trying to find ways to deal with the issues because all I see the naysayers doing, is stalling and never giving a better option. Our town is crumbling, our schools are crumbling, the facade is gone. Start actually helping the town citizens and actively find answers that work instead of more blockades because you don’t like the change. Obviously change was wanted and no matter who is in council change needs to happen.

Stacy Vezina-Wortman